Thousands of Americans Waste $348 a Year on subscriptions They’re Not Using.

In recent research from Zuora found that 71% of adults across 12 countries have subscription services and 74% believe that in the future, people will subscribe to even more services and own less physical goods. Let’s meet Jenny, a recent subscriber who just got an overdraft charge for forgetting a subscription renewal.

On a warm Sunday morning, Jenny was having a relaxed sitting in her beautiful room after breakfast. She happened to check her bills and bank statements for some investments she has been planning on and noticed…

In my personal life, I am a wife and mother to my 33 months old son who goes to a Montessori school. We were happy with the way his early childhood was taking shape and how he was learning and making progress with his school.

A toddler attending a Montessori School before the pandemic

Yet, in March of 2020 came COVID-19. We were forced to go online with distance learning for our son. We had to stay at home for quarantine and worked from home, too. All this practically without childcare help.

We were stressed. Managing our home, work, and taking care of our son’s development scared our family.

Kenophobia is the fear of empty spaces, empty rooms, or voids.

The American Psychiatric Association classifies Kenophobia as a simple (or specific) phobia, the most common type of phobia. The APA estimates up to 9% of the population has a simple phobia.

64% of inbound migration was in South Carolina as of 2020

In the year 2020 South Carolina experienced one of the highest percentages of inbound migration, with 64% coming to the state. While there were various reasons for moving to Palmetto State, 26% of the move happened for work as a motive. One of those inbound migrators was -Ally Grant.

How Kenophobia prevents new tenants from moving in …

Just as a designer sets out to create problem-solving products in human interaction, Dr. Montessori engaged in a life-long mission to understand and resolve the challenges in childhood learning.

Instead of forcing children into an adult environment, she rather sought to defend children’s miraculous abilities through the refinement of a myriad of designs.

It was during an observation tour of the Montessori school when I stepped into a toddler classroom while the children were quietly working away.

What stuck me out was the true beauty and visual appeal of the classroom, both in the individual materials placed neatly on the…

Core Values for Service Design: Poddler Case Study

“The child cannot become a harmonious member of society without the company of others.” — Dr. Maria Montessori

Doing a Prototype test of the service design for Poddler was an attempt to create an environment where parents can see a glimmer of something social for toddlers. Becoming something bigger than anyone could have ever imagined in a Pandemic.

This was not only useful to create value for the toddlers but also addresses the entire value ecosystem. Inclusive of hosts and participating parents.

A ‘tangible’ element to an otherwise ‘intangible’ service

A well-considered plan with a ‘physical element’ added to the service design introduces a component to a toddler…

Toddler UX — Associative Learning.

Vegetable Gradens are beautiful extensions learning environemt and Toddlers thrive in them! Involving Toddlers in gardening leads them to experience plant care and nourish a responsible, consistent and positive attitude towards hard work.

A toddler observing summer squash harvest

It is at the early ages of a human when caregivers should nourish gardening the most.

Provide toddlers with their own vegetable bed — Give toddlers their own space with - raised beds, containers, or ground plots. Make it very simple small for young toddlers.

Tip - Place their bed at center stage, with the best soil and light. Set them up for success! …

How TSA’s security check hassle and struggle to re-pack and stuff your bags back in a hurry and in-flight struggles with those rush-packed unorganized bags turned into a short UX (User Experience) story.

If you are like -Grace, who flies a lot with baby/toddler and packing your complete house in your diaper bag as a prep for that emergency or surprising moment in the flight, you are totally visualizing the TSA hassle!

Grace carries everything in the cabin which her baby may need during the flight and a few extra out of her assumptions of what her baby may need…

How everyday fresh herb storing struggle turned into a short UX (User Experience) herb story.

For an American family of four, the average value of produce that goes waste is nearly $1,600 annually.


Lisa believes in staying fit and healthy by cooking fresh food and adding fresh ingredients.

Lisa loves cooking. She relishes how herbs like Cilantro, enhances the flavor of food. Adding them fresh with that crisp texture and moisture further increases the taste of the food and adds joy to her life!

Within a few hours of purchase, her cilantro turns lifeless, wilts, and droop…

She always faces…

Ruchi Jain

Service designer — User Experience Designer

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