A toddler attending a Montessori School before the pandemic

Kenophobia is the fear of empty spaces, empty rooms, or voids.

About the Client:

Aleri is a legal tech start-up providing a litigation tool — to create cross-examination questions. The company came into operation in early 2020 and proved its viability with paid 25+ users. For increasing the user base further, the founders — Ian, David, and Jenushikha hired a sales team which was eventually let go as the team was not proving to be of much help.

90% of the traffic was coming from Facebook ads.

They decided to invest the budget of the sales team in the…

Core Values for Service Design: Poddler Case Study

A ‘tangible’ element to an otherwise ‘intangible’ service

A well-considered plan with a ‘physical element’ added to the service design introduces a…

Toddler UX — Associative Learning.

A toddler observing summer squash harvest

It is at the early ages of a human when caregivers should nourish gardening the most.

Provide toddlers with their own vegetable bed — Give toddlers their own space with - raised beds, containers, or ground plots. Make it very simple small for young toddlers.


Ruchi Jain

Service designer — User Experience Designer

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